Discord Onboarding

Welcome to Discord! 🎉

Here is your onboarding checklist, I hope it makes joining a bit smoother 🙂

Checklist for Joining Discord


Make a Discord account & log in
Join the server
  • warning: you might end up with two accounts, it happens to a lot of people.
  • To avoid that — first log in to Discord.com AND THEN use the join link
  • If it happens, you can choose one and delete the other one
Install the Discord desktop app and/or mobile app (optional)
  • warning: Discord does NOT email you about missed messages like Slack does
  • If you want to know when people message you, you must get an app

“Moving In”

Update your “Server Nickname” on the server
  • instructions below :)
Update your profile picture (avatar) on your user account
  • instructions below :)
Learn about how to deal with notifications (they’re kind of a mess)
  • warning: Discord notifications are a mess. It’s very worthwhile to learn to wrangle them
  • The best resource I’ve seen so far is my Twitter thread on this


Agree to the Code of Conduct
  • warning: you can’t send messages or even emoji-respond to things until you agree to the code of conduct
  • you’ll see it in the bar where you would be able to send a message
  • if you can send a message, then this step is done (or the server doesn’t have one)
Say hello to everyone! And/or emoji respond to some things :)

Updating your display name on each server

You have to set your display name once for each Discord server you’re on. (I guess this is the way because many people DO want different names on different servers.)

  1. At the top-left click the name of the server (like Happy and Effective Community)
  2. Click Edit Server Profile
  3. Enter your name into Nickname. Consider adding your pronouns.
    1. Example: Casey Watts! (he/him)

Updating your profile picture (avatar)

Your avatar is used on every server you are a part of (unless you pay for Discord “Nitro”).

To update your profile picture (avatar):

  1. Click the cog icon by your name in the bottom left (”User Settings”)
  2. Click on Edit User Profile
  3. Click on Change Avatar to upload an image.
    1. On a server where you often meet each other face to face, consider using your face so people can recognize you better.

Becoming able to message (Code of Conduct)

If you want to be able to send messages or emoji-respond to things, you have to “complete a few more steps” first.

Your name also doesn’t show up in the members list until you complete this step (that seems really weird to me!!)

  1. Click Complete at the bottom (or top) of the screen after You must complete a few more steps before you can talk.