Coaching for Individuals

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Happy and Effective Coaching

The process of talking through a problem with someone who really gets it is hard to overstate.

How can we help?

Career Coaching - Do the job that truly suits you - your skills, passion, and growth trajectory.
Work Therapy - Feel better about your experiences by talking through them with someone who really gets it.

Coaching Goals

Together, we create goals and track them. We define these at beginning of the coaching relationship, and update them periodically. These help focus our efforts, making sure the coachee gets the most out of the engagement. Sometimes externally-set goals are a part of the process, but to be successful goals must be defined and agreed to by the coachee.


What areas do you want to work on?
How are you already working towards these goals?
What challenges are you having with addressing these?
How can we deal with these challenges?


The bulk of coaching progress is made in weekly 30-minute one-on-one conversations. These are the most common durations:

Career Coaching = 3-6 sessions, 30-minutes, weekly
Work Therapy = 12 sessions, 30-minutes, weekly

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