Team Building Activities


Teams work better when people like each other and get along. The best way for people grow closer is to share experiences together - like singing, dancing, and blowing bubbles!


Singing is bonding. No need to sing well - this is karaoke, not a ticketed performance!

We'll bring all the audio equipment, software, and karaoke videos.

Casey has done karaoke for team events and weddings. He has even competed in DC's competitive karaoke league.

Intro to Dance for Non-Dancers

Starting with clapping a steady rhythm, working up to leading/following each other through turns. People who never thought they would ever dance LOVE this class.

We'll bring music, audio equipment. This is best done at a larger area with a smoother floor (less smooth floor is okay, it just means we'll do less turning/movement).

Casey has danced 10+ dance styles, including: swing, blues, fusion, and two-step.

Bubble Blowing Event

Who doesn't love blowing bubbles? Bring your inner child!

We'll bring an entire CRATE of bubble blowing equipment, sidewalk chalk, and face paint.

Casey founded DC Bubble Party, which hosts monthly events at parks in DC.

Let's have fun together!