People Management

These are especially useful for people like engineering managers (EMs), the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), and VP of Engineering, and VP of Product.

  • Conflict mediation. Two employees are having a major conflict, how can I help?
  • Delivering challenging feedback. Including technical topics like code style, design patterns, PRs, commit messages, etc
  • Leveling conversations. Especially making space for early, proactive conversations, factoring in what makes these individuals unique.
  • Cross-functional communication. How to effectively communicate across roles and departments, like between engineering and data/business intelligence teams, engineering and marketing, etc.
  • Clarifying individual employee responsibilities like “as an EM, what should I be focusing my time on?” and the same for your employees
  • Clarifying team member responsibilities, like “Who on the best team is best suited for responsibility X? Where do we have skill gaps?”
  • Alignment of team with company goals, and vice versa.
  • Team Health. How can I know how healthy each of my teams are? (check out the Five Keys to a Successful Google Team)