Microaggressions: Prevention & Recovery

90 min — presentation, discussion in pairs, full group discussion. Facilitated by Casey.

Why is it important to prevent microaggressions?

Your coworkers want to be treated like individuals. Without realizing it, you might be making your coworkers feel tokenized and othered. These small pains add up over time, becoming large pains. This impact happens regardless of whether it was intended. Fortunately, you can learn how to avoid these.

What if I learn how to deal with microaggressions?

Including coworkers - You help your coworkers feel happier and connected.
Feeling Confident - When you make a mistake, you gracefully recover.

What if I ignore microaggressions entirely?

Hurting coworkers - Inadvertently making coworkers feel isolated and othered
Feeling Awkward - When you make a mistake, you stumble in correcting myself.

Is this for me?

Do I want to help my coworkers feel more comfortable at work?
If I made any microaggressions this month, would I even be aware of them?
When I make a microaggression, do I know how to gracefully recover?

Learning Objectives

Attendees will learn how microaggressions can be painful and how to avoid making them.
Attendees will learn what to say instead to connect with your coworkers.
Attendees will learn how to recover gracefully when you accidentally (inevitably!) make microaggressions.
Attendees will learn many specific microaggressions to watch out for.


We Asked Our Listeners About Racial Microaggressions - Describing microaggressions, their impact, and shares many examples.
Man Who Has It All Twitter Account - Comedy. See how absurd it sounds when some gender-related statements/questions are inverted, saying the same things of men.
What Kind of Asian Are You? Video - Comedy. See how absurd it sounds when some race-related questions are asked of white people in the US.
Thank You For Doing All The Work - Comedy. How not to relate to black women coworkers.
I Wish I Were Gay - Comedy. How not to relate to gay coworkers.
Everything is Too PC These Days - Comedy. Language-policing can certainly go overboard!