Bystander to Upstander

90 min — presentation, discussion in pairs, full group discussion. Facilitated by Casey.

How can I become an active ally for my coworkers?

Every individual on a team contributes to the team environment. What can you do to make sure the environment is supportive and not toxic? How can you continue growing yourself? How can you support the people "behind you" on the allyship spectrum move further along?

What if I address allyship?

Happier coworkers - Feeling like you truly belong here.
More Productive - Not worrying about being yourself.

What if I ignore it?

Unhappy coworkers - Feeling isolated, like outsiders.
Less Productive - Worrying about being yourself.

Is this for me?

Where am I on the allyship spectrum?
How can I help others become active supporters?
Am I an active ally for the people I care about?

Learning Objectives

Attendees will understand why every member of the team is responsible for inclusion - not just HR or the people affected.
Attendees will learn about the stages of allyship, applying it to themselves and to coworkers.
Attendees will learn how to be an effective agent of change - meeting people where they are at when discussing sensitive issues.


Guide to Allyship - Open source guide to being an ally (without specific focus on any particular groups)