LGBTQIA+ Inclusive Environment

90 min — presentation, discussion in pairs, full group discussion. Facilitated by Casey.

How can I support for the LGBTQIA+ people around me?

There is a lot of talk about pronouns lately, and that's great! This starts a conversation, but there's so much more to identities around gender and sexuality. How can you be an active ally?

What if I actively include LGBTQIA+ people?

Happier coworkers - Feeling like you truly belong here.
More Diversity - Your team will sustain greater diversity from actively welcoming and including LGBTQIA+ minorities.

What if I ignore inclusion of LGBTQIA+ people?

Unhappy coworkers - Feeling isolated, like outsiders.
Less Diversity - Even if you can recruit people from diverse backgrounds, without inclusion your team will not be able to retain them.

Is this for me?

How much of the acronym "LGBTQIA+" do I understand?
Do I want to develop greater empathy towards LGBTQIA+ people?
Do I understand how, when, and why to share pronouns?

Learning Objectives

Attendees will develop an appreciation for the huge variety of experiences LGBTQIA+ people have, by developing empathy for several specific queer individuals.
Attendees will be able to apply these concepts to themselves, including gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, romantic orientation, and pronouns.
Attendees will understand why we talk about pronouns, who it helps, and how it helps.