Navigating Defensiveness


90 min — presentation, discussion in pairs, full group discussion. Facilitated by Casey.

Why is it important to know how to navigate defensiveness?

It's so much easier to give feedback than it is to receive it. By using empathy, you can help the other person be prepared to receive what you are trying to communicate to them.

What if I navigate defensiveness?

Communicating Effectively


Relationship Strengthening

What if I ignore defensiveness?

Not Communicating Effectively


Relationship Weakening

Is this for me?

When someone is being defensive, how often do you notice it? How quickly do you notice it?

When someone is being defensive, do you feel like you can effectively communicate with them?

Learning Objectives


Attendees will learn to think about the two perspectives present during a disagreement as two goals: you understanding them, and them understanding you.


Attendees will learn how to reduce your own defensiveness when accepting feedback, by using the cardboard cutout visualization.