"The Way We Do Things"

90 min — presentation, discussion in pairs, full group discussion. Facilitated by Casey.

Why is it important to understand norm regulation?

“That’s the way we do things here” isn’t an inherently good or bad phrase — but the social rules underlying it might support or thwart your goals. Learn to better navigate the plethora of social norms you encounter every day by understanding the psychology behind “social norms” and “norm regulation.” Team culture is constantly changing — use these tools to cultivate a culture that supports a healthy, productive work environment.

What if I understand norm regulation?

Happiness - We will be happier coming into work every day.
Effectiveness - We can all contribute our best work thanks to a conducive work environment.

What if I don't understand norm regulation?

Unhappy - More people will experience burnout and leave the company.
Less Effective - We will be blocked in what we can do by seemingly arbitrary social rules.

Is this for me?

Do I get frustrated when people tell me no because of “the way we do things here”?
Do I want to help support our team to have a positive, happy, healthy culture?
Do I want to better understand how to navigate/influence my team’s culture?

Learning Objectives

Attendees will learn to recognize norm regulation and norm regulating speech patterns.
Attendees will learn how to evaluate whether these meet our goals, drilling down into the downstream effects of these social norms.
Attendees will learn how to notice when they are accidentally perpetuating social norms that don’t serve them, and how to recover from them.